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Art’s Heating & Cooling is ready to respond to your home electric furnace installation needs.

Tracking down the right electric furnace installation contractor can take a while.

The situation isn’t that you can’t find residential heating & cooling companies in the area. However, it’s that the process of sorting through them to ultimately identify a great one can be challenging.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way since Art’s Heating & Cooling is committed to delivering the best possible results at a truly affordable price.

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Our Reputation

We recommend that you to check-out our client reviews from Yelp, Google, & Home Advisor. We have many years of experience serving the local area having thousands of happy clients.

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Our reputation is being one of the leading HVAC companies in the area, and that comes from always delivering. And, that’s why Art’s has built up so many repeat clientele.

Do yourself a favor and join with other homeowners in Pleasanton. Let us prove to you how we’ve become one of the best in the HVAC service niche.

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Heating & Cooling System Readiness

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Enjoy the satisfying feeling that your heating and cooling system works when you need it to.

Make sure your heating and cooling equipment operates properly at the time you need it.

Call our pros to do seasonal upkeep on your equipment to ensure it operates at its peak efficiency.

Doing this allows your equipment to run less, enjoy a longer life, and may help reduce your utility company costs.

Art’s Is Responsive

At the time your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment fails, reach out to us to get it fixed so you are able to minimize your exposure to uncomfortable temperatures.

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Authorized Service Dealer

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Art’s Heating & Cooling is your local Lennox Authorized Sales & Service Dealer

Art’s Heating & Cooling has earned the designation from Lennox HVAC Systems to be your local Authorized Sales & Service Dealer.

A Dave Lennox Dealer is trained to provide a level of quality no others can equal.

Lennox technicians have the necessary experience to get the everything done right the first time.

We have the know-how to assess, repair, install, swap-out, and maintain any major home heating and cooling equipment that you have in your residence.


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Our promise to be your ethical service provider

We will assess the issue with your heating and cooling equipment and show you our findings.

At this point, we’ll discuss the options that will work best for your situation.

You have our promise that Art’s will never attempt to convince you to buy things you simply don’t need.

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Schedule an appointment with Art’s Heating & Cooling

During busier times of the year, seasonal temperature conditions in Pleasanton may result in our appointments filling up.

Just know that Art’s will strive to get your service scheduled as soon as possible.

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